R & D


Our focus at Hoba Therapeutics is the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of neuropathic pain and hearing disorders. HB-086 and HB-097 are therapeutic proteins and the only members of a family of recently discovered neurotrophic factors. Our research indicates that these molecules have unique actions on sensory nerve cell and their surrounding support cells -glia

HB-086 (recombinant human meteorin)

Neuropathic pain is caused by lesion in or disorders of the nervous system, such as injury, pressure, toxic agents (e.g., chemotherapy), viral infections, metabolic disorders. These lesions lead to aberrant functioning of sensory nerve cells, resulting a chronic, debilitating sensation of pain. Novel treatments for neuropathic pain are needed, as currently available treatments are insufficient at treating the pain symptoms and most have serious side effects, limiting their use.

HB-086 has been shown in multiple models of chronic neuropathic pain to provide robust and long-lasting relief through a novel mechanism of action. 

HB-097 (recombinant human cometin)

Hearing loss and deafness affect millions of people worldwide, and may be caused by age, noise, trauma, toxic drug exposure. Current treatment options are limited to hearing aids and cochlear implants with no currently approved pharmaceutical therapies. HB-097 has shown protective properties when applied to the inner ear in models of hearing loss.